Inspired not just by our network of brilliant creative talent, but also by our access to all of the latest creative marketing ideas, techniques and platforms, courtesy of our Future Index lab, here’s some of the projects we have delivered. Simply click on the header below.

Our recent projects



The MMU Futures and Environment teams joined forces with academics and guest speakers to do something truly special in March 2014 – to tackle the challenge of Manchester becoming a sustainable city. In 24 hours, students from very different backgrounds and courses, came together to form teams, to learn about sustainability, to generate ideas, build prototypes and pitch ideas. Amongst the sleeping bags, sellotaped city skylines, and curry, was a buzz of creativity and a sense that this was all part of the future education landscape. Future Ink were proud to have concepted the original idea, to have created the design work, videos, the thermochromic mugs and promotional cards, and to have helped convince key stakeholder groups at the University to support the idea. You can read about it here.

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Future Ink have a strong background in creating challenge ideas like this, with 3 of its creative network having helped shape the amazing Thought For Food Challenge.

UWE Bristol: Telling Stories


We’ve worked with the University of West of England’s central marketing team at strategic level, helping to create, shape and inspire their future success. We have been instrumental in developing the University’s brand proposition. We did this by engaging with key stakeholders – from the VC Executive team to student cohorts, through workshops and seminars to the less formal catch up and inspirational idea.

    ‘Future Ink have performed a range of roles for the University – facilitating brand conversations with the senior management to the delivery of social media solutions. They produce highly imaginative and stimulating solutions with real passion.’ (Keith Hicks, Director of Marketing & Communications, UWE)


Central to the UWE experience has been ‘achieving great things together’. And we helped UWE to do this by promoting the stand-out stories, such as the university’s involvement in the Bloodhound project, developing the world’s fastest car. We did this on 48 sheet sites and on buses, but we also took it to grassroots level, sharing the stories on graffiti walls and encouraging students to grab a spary-can and take part. We did this at Welcome Week and at local festivals; we promoted everything from the Aardman partnership, creating the biggest film shot by a mobile phone, to life-changing robots that come to life in campus labs.


We also mixed the beacon stories with the reality of everyday life on campus. In 2012 we shaped UWE’s social media led Welcome programme, with students managing Facebook groups to share student stories with applicants to keep them both warm and engaged. The students created and curated. They shared links, they filmed, they took pictures, interviewed peers and academics, and gave a student-eye view of how they really could achieve great things.

We developed this further in 2013 – helping create a team of journalism / PR students to lead the ‘Student Stories’ push – benefiting them with the real world practical experience employers need and benefiting UWE with authentic communication that highlights the reality of how the university can make a massive difference.


We are proud to have worked with UWE to have shaped all of this activity and to have engagde the central marketing team to build their own expertise in this area.

University of Huddersfield: Getting Social


University of Huddersfield: Getting Social

As part of the University’s commitment to up-skill all marketing staff in social media, we were tasked with addressing the learning needs of a diverse group, at different levels in both knowledge and application, whilst also helping generate a sense of cohesion and shared goals amongst central and faculty marketing staff.

The Inspiration

Over a number of sessions in 2012 and 2013, our work tackled the basics – social media platform set-up, engagement, etiquette and tips for the most effective communication – right through to the truly inspirational. Whilst we showcased UK HEIs, we rose to the challenge of up-skilling our audience to be able to stand out from everyone else. To do this we had to show off the wider landscape.
Drawing from our Lab and from our Future Index we explored global examples – from Australia, Singapore, Turkey and, in particular, the USA. We mixed this with current trends and inspiration from the consumer world, drawing on case studies from Old Spice, Evian and Coca Cola. We discussed approaches that used QR codes, and the emerging Blippar. We looked at Augmented Reality. We also focused on the trend of co-creation, and looked at how crowd-sourcing and advocate promotion worked in both the consumer and HEI worlds.

Have a look for yourselves at how Old Spice created their own newsroom and filmed live responses to their You Tube campaign. Still an inspiration to marketers everywhere.

And how OZU University in Turkey helped potential students create their own future Facebook Timeline to see what their experience on campus could be like. Award-winning and very special.

The Breakthrough

Whilst using examples to inspire we kept everything grounded, and practical – even setting up our own social platforms, filming live content and posting it whilst in our session. Above all, we proved what was easily possible. This laid the foundations for session work that generated multiple breakthrough ideas, ideas that could help the university make a giant leap ahead of the competition. We are very proud of the great feedback we have had from these sessions and we are taking a constant interest in how Huddersfield is getting better and better. We think they are doing a great job!
Our work with the University of Huddersfield is a great example of what we are all about. We use the bigger picture and the inspiration out there and fuse it with grounded, practical learning, empowering marketing teams to adopt their own low-cost, wholly owned, delivery of great ideas. And in all of this, we make sure the needs of the university, of employers and students is core. Marketing Manager, Julie Morley, said “Social media is becoming an increasingly important channel for the University and we recognise the need to engage and inspire potential students in a challenging market. The training/workshops delivered by Future Ink were extremely useful as they provided a great combination of practical and theoretical learning.”   

MMU Futures


It all began in the Spring of 2012. We inspired a group of 16 Students to bring to life a Futures initiative that wrapped up all the added-value, extra-curricular activity available at Manchester Metropolitan University. Between them all they helped create and promote an array of events and programmes to help students get the edge when it comes to graduating into the wider world. They have effectively powered-up a multitude of CVs. There’s lots to sample, including a content-rich, student-led Facebook page that is now really taking off. And the inspiration has now shifted. We were incredibly proud of the videos they shot and edited. Videos that truly brings to life the opportunities that Futures creates. Thank you Luke, Bridget, Max, Marie, Catherine, Amy, Paige, Jess, Kevin, Nikki, Imogen, Tapiwa, Katie, Angus, Liam, Neeki, Alisha, Krish, Shuyab, Jordan, Sarah and everyone. We have been inspired!


MMU Futures is now a major feature of university life in Manchester. We helped to create everything from the student-designed collateral to social media pages and video content. We enjoyed every moment of it!

    ‘Jim worked as a consultant for us on the MMU Futures project and he comes highly recommended! He is an absolute professional with bags of creative energy and an unrivalled knowledge of the very latest in global trends. Personable yet professional he is able to inspire and motivate others, sweeping them up in a wave of creative energy which he maintains and sees right through to the end.’ (Helen Lord, Project Manager, MMU Futures)

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