Future Ink is a creative consultancy, working with clients to design, shape and communicate campaigns, projects and challenges. We work with a collective of brilliant creatives, from design to copy, from apps to digital build. We’re responsible for putting the world’s fastest car on the side of a bus and a whole university brand story on a graffiti wall. And we’ve helped create student challenges to tackle major global issues.

We’re proud of the work we do to inspire internal university teams to lead the way. And the work we do with students to bring them together on the university’s behalf. We’ve provided leadership to student teams at MMU in the creation and promotion of their Futures programme and we’ve encouraged journalism students to promote everything about UWE Bristol.

How do we do this?

By tapping into our own Future Index lab of the very latest creative inspiration out there, we are guaranteed to be on the front foot, recognising the best ways to stand out. Every day we absorb course finder apps, iBeacons, augmented reality, billboards, prospectuses, web-sites and social media. Every day we are inspired with new ideas. Essentially, our Future Index provides the canvas, ensuring that the ink we use is the most relevant, the most on-trend and most effective.

Our Experience

We have led brand creation programmes for Virgin and award winning websites for ASDA. We’ve won creative trophies for work across the consumer, employment and education marketing worlds. We’ve experience running advertising agencies, being on the board of major marketing agency network, and leading local and global campaigns. We’re experts in research, social media and technology trends. We’re well networked, especially in the US, and we’ve worked in various countries. We’re passionate about innovative creativity and our work always looks to stretch what’s possible to deliver the maximum return.